Bella the Bulldog

French Bulldog - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Special Needs

Bella is a 4.5 yr old French Bulldog.   She is amazingly sweet with all people/dogs and cats.  She loves exploring, giving kisses and eating snacks.    Bella is a bit underweight now but should hopefully fill out to 21-22 lbs.  Unfortunately Bella was surrender to our rescue as a paralyzed case, her owners were unable to care for her.  This very popular breed has so many admirers, unfortunately these babies come with some very serious health issues and Bella is a prime example of 2 very serious conditions. She has hip dysplasia as well as spine/disk issues.   She had a neurologist consultation and the news is not good.  It is too late for her to be a surgical candidate, had her first owners gone that route when she was first diagnosed in 2015, she would have been an ideal candidate but not now.
She will always be paralyzed from her waste down. She will need a an owner committed to emptying her bladder manually 2-3 times per day. She will also have to be monitored for urinary tract infections as these are common in paralyzed dogs.
She can get around the house really well dragging her legs, the neurologist actually recommended a drag bag for daily use and a few will come with her.   We are also looking into ordering her a wheelchair for outings.  She doesn’t know any different and while to us it seems that her condition is sad, she is not in pain and tries to “run” everywhere.   She may be special needs, but she sure does not know it.
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Listed for adoption: 10/2/17
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