Dexter – Courtesy

Adoptable Large Spayed/Neutered

This pet is a Courtesy Listing through our rescue and not in our care. Please contact her owner directly at 310-882-9467 or for more information.
Dexter is a 10-11 yr old Belgian/German Shepherd mix. He is a loyal and loving dog, that loves to play and stay active. Dexter also loves to eat (the dinner commands he and his sister were taught were “Sit” and then “Giddy-up” when it was okay to start eating) and hang out in the kitchen while you cook (patiently watching for a delicious morsel to drop). Dexter loves walks, dog parks and outdoor adventures. He is happy to romp in the park off-lease. On hikes through the mountains, Dexter likes to “herd” everyone in the hiking party, by trotting from person to person (including keeping tabs on his sister Kea who likely wandered off).
Dexter is louder than his quieter sibling, but always obedient when you tell him to stop. You’ll always know when Dexter is really listening to you though, since he’ll tilt his head in curiosity. Dexter is always excited to go on car rides; so much, that it can cause him some anxious whining in the car. However, he has successfully made the drive from OH to CA, when their family moved cities.
He is accustomed to an indoor/outdoor environment, completely house-broken, stays off the furniture, doggy-door and crate-trained (Dexter loves his crate). He gets along fine with other dogs if in a “pack” environment. He has not been exposed to cats. He lives in a home with two small children and is fine.
This pet is altered.
Listed for adoption: 3/25/18
Adoption fee: $100
PLEASE DO NOT call or email us to see if a pet is available. This dog is not in the care of Pups and Pals and is a Courtesy Listing, please contact her owner.