Max 6

Goldendoodle - Young - Male
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

UPDATED 5/21/2020 and relisted for adoption:  PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE BIO AND INFORMATION.  WE DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO RESPOND TO QUESTIONS ANSWERED IN THE WRITE UP.  Because of the unusually high number of applications we are receiving at this time we cannot respond to every application, we are so sorry.  We will reach out to the best match to schedule a meet/greet.
Max is a male 15 month old Goldendoodle.   He is a 46 lb (very long legged) boy who is so very pretty with the best smile and eye lashes.   He has a soft curly   coat that mats super easily and will require lots of grooming.  Doodles are not always ideal for allergies as they are mixed with a shedding dog so can still trigger allergies.  Max is very sweet, he loves the lady of the house and pretty much becomes her shadow following her around, however, once he gets used to the gentlemen in the home, he does enjoy their companionship too.   He is not the type of a pup that’s super welcoming of all strangers, he will be hesitant with new  people and does take a little bit of time, so while he has lived with children, a quieter home without lots of new visitors would be best.   He does like jogging with the guys in the home as well as snuggling and watching movies but it did take him a few days to trust them.  He is very smart, quite the love bug and a goofball!  He loves playing ball and is an excellent retriever quick to bring it back and drop it at your feet, he will even fall asleep with his favorite toys in his mouth.  He can sit, wait, leave it and shake your hand.  He is still learning how to “stay” but really doesn’t love that.  He loves being brushed and melt into your hand with lots of snuggles.  He has a strong preference to do bathroom business while on walks even though he has a yard.  It’s a great way to get in at least 3 walks a day, so he will hold it until he is walked.   Because of that, we do want him in a home with someone home much of the time, as he will not just take himself to go potty.  He will need lots of fun activities to keep his mind busy, he loves fun toys and so far haven’t torn them apart.  His house manners are very good, he does not beg, but loves getting treats and is very curious when the human is making food.   Because Max lacks in confidence with new people and new places, he would do best with a very social canine playmate to show him that the world is not that scary.   He has been able to get his foster sister (lab) to play chase around the house and loves the company of another dog.  Max is so funny, he runs into furniture when doing zoomies around the house and plays chase with his tail.  He tends to be a bit fearful of new people,  things and noises, but with encouragement and treats he learns fast!  He loves long walks and does well on a leash and in the car.  He sometimes gives out a low growl and bark when he meets a new person, dog or situation.  He isn’t aggressive, just fearful.  He would do best in a home that can set good boundaries, with consistency, lots of love and energy to help keep him well exercised.    He would not be a good first dog or a dog for a casual dog owner, he needs someone truly dedicated to making a dog a huge part of their life.
Perfect match for Max is a home where a female is the main caretaker, active, experienced, has a young and very social med/large dog and is still going to have lots of time for a dog once COVID-19 restrictions end.
If you are interested in Max and match his perfect fit, please fill out the application on our website.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL.  With this breed mix we may get  tons of applications.   We will stop accepting applications and take him off the website after a few days and then we will start reaching out to the applicants that seem like a great fit to get to know them better.   Please understand that we will not be able to reach out to every applicant.  If you do not hear from us within 72 hours of applying, your application was not selected for him.  We do keep applications active for 30 days should you see another dog that you are interested in.
This dog is not available to an out of the area adoption because of difficulty to follow up.  If you do not live within a 2 hr drive of Orange County, please do not apply.
If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues, please visit our main website for adoption procedures at and then fill out our application.
This pet is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and has had a temperament evaluation to help us determine what type of  a home he/she would thrive in.  Please note that we put lots of time and effort to make sure our pets are ready to be someone’s perfect pet before they go home…. and to make sure that we will have the best possible match for this pet we do require an : application, interview, adoption fee and in most cases a home check.
Listed for adoption: 5/10/2020
Adoption fee: $650 minimum adoption donation to help with the care of the harder to place dogs.
PLEASE DO NOT call or email to see if a pet is available.  We update our pages daily so if he/she is pictured here in the available dogs section, we are accepting applications at this time.