Adoption Procedures

pups and pals

We put so much time and love into each of our pets and we want to make sure that they will find their “forever” homes. In order for us to make sure that you and the dog you want to adopt are a good match we do have several steps in our adoption process. Adoptions are never on a first come bases, we try to match each dog with the best possible home. If you’re considering a “rescued companion”, know that all dogs entering our rescue are evaluated before they are available for adoption. They are given all required vaccines, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. An adoption fee is requested as well as a signed adoption contract.

The average adoption fee for an adult dog is $400. Puppies and rare purebreds are typically more and senior special needs dogs are often less.  We use the higher adoption fees from some of our highly adoptable babies to offset the veterinary and boarding expenses for some of our hard to place pets. If you don’t think you can afford the adoption fee, please reconsider having a dog, as even the healthiest dog (properly cared for) will cost you an average of $50/month and veterinary treatments of $1,000 + are not at all uncommon. Your adoption fee does not reimburse us for any money we spent on your dog; rather, it is used to help pay for all of the expenses incurred with our rescue program. Unlike animal shelters, we do not receive county/government funding or other forms of income. We rely strictly on adoption fees and donations to cover the costs associated with rescuing dogs from the shelters (we pay them a bail fee), veterinary expenses, dog food and supplies, telephone and gas bills, boarding and all other expenses incurred while providing for the dogs in our care. If you are a senior, please look out our senior adoptables.  Remember that most small dogs live well into their teens and they have years of love to give to a special home. Plus, they are mostly trained and are an easier fit into a home.   Cat/kittens have adoption fees of $75-200 depending on age.

Adoption Procedures:

1)  Take a look at the available pets on our website.  See if one catches your eye.

2)  Fill out our adoption application on the website if you would like to visit specific pet (s).  Because our rescues are mostly in foster homes, we do ask for an application before the meet and greet.     If interested in a dog, please email us pictures of your home/yard, please see instructions on the dog application page.

3)  We try to respond to every application, even if the application is not a match for the pet, however please note that in some cases we have an overwhelming response to a pet and we simply cannot write an individual email to every applicant.   If you do not get a response to your application within 72 hrs, your application was probably not selected for the pet.

4)  Once the application is submitted and it seems like the pet is a good match for your family and vise versa we will schedule a meet/greet.

5) We may schedule a home visit, it is determined on a case by case bases.

6)  In most case the meet and greet is successful and you get to take home your new family member (after signing an adoption contract).

We are looking for serious people and families who will be making the pet  part of your family, providing loving homes, quality food, veterinary care, training and making a commitment to the pet for the rest of its’ life, through good times and bad.