Surrendering Your Pet



We understand that sometimes owners are not able to keep a pet. Please exhaust all possible options before choosing to give up your pet, it is not a decision to be taken lightly as your pets depend on you.  Pet friendly housing is available if you are flexible on location/amenities and your pet is worth the extra effort.  However, if you have exhausted all options and the pet is not the best fit for your home/family, it is the best interest of the pet to be placed with a responsible rescue the instead of being dropped off at the shelter to risk being euthanized or placed into an unscreened home. We do our best to accept the dogs presented to us, given that we have the capacity to do so. We always want to accept as many as we can but we are not able to accept all of the dogs who are looking for homes.

To determine if we have foster space for your dog, we will need the following information:

  • Age • Sex • Breed • Does he/she get along with cats/dogs/kids? • Is he/she housebroken? • Is he/she calm, active, outgoing, timid? • Is he/she spayed/neutered? • Are the vaccinations current? • Are there any behavioral issues? • Are there any medical issues/concerns? • Why are you giving up this pet?
  • Please provide a picture of the pet so we can assess what we can do to help.  Please email all of this information to

Unfortunately we cannot take in every pet that we are asked to take.  If you are giving up a senior dogs that time frame may be quite long as seniors take a while to place and are considered long term fosters. Our long term foster homes are very few and they have slower adoptions. Because our dogs do go to foster homes and are expected to be a part of someone’s family, we cannot take in aggressive dogs as placing a foster or their  own pets in danger is not acceptable.

If you are able to help with the cost or caring for your pet and are able to do make a donation to offset vet care/spay/dental or boarding, we do ask for a contribution to your pets’ care. Your inability to make a donation will not determine our decision to take the pet, however it will be greatly appreciated.

Dogs are with us an average of 3-8 weeks before they are placed, some lucky ones are adopted sooner and many stay with us for months and months until they are placed. Once we take a dog into our rescue, we do keep them until they are adopted.

Please understand that for confidentiality reasons we will not be able to give you the address/phone number of your pets new owners. We typically do not take pit bulls, Staffordshire terriers or similar mixes because of homeowner’s insurance policies and do not have many foster homes for larger breeds.

P-Nut 10 months